• 27 Classes
  • 28 Minutes
  • 13 Students
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Bottle Craft guidelines for beginners

  • 499.00₹ 
  • (1 Reviews)
  • 12 Classes
  • 92 Minutes
  • 2 Students

Learn the art of baking and explore the Passion within!

  • 499.00₹ 
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What learn
  • you will be Learning Simple Baking and Pastry recipes
  • 10 Classes
  • 39 Minutes
  • 2 Students

Discover Effective Strategies of Vegan Diet and how it can benefit your body, your mind, and also the world around us.

  • 129.00₹ 
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What learn
  • You will learn the basics of Vegan Diet and how it can benefit not only your body and mind, but also the world around us...
  • You will even learn the difference between Vegetarianism and Veganism.
  • You will understand what veganism actually means.
  • Workout plans for vegans.
  • You will also learn how to build new habits in your journey to beginning your new lifestyle.
  • Tips for transitioning into Veganism.
  • The most powerful fruits and vegetables in terms of nutritional content and what each of them can do for you.
  • How to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet and easily.
  • How to build a healthy diet around fruits and vegetables.
  • How to avoid common mistakes of eating too much fruit and vegetables (weight gain, bad teeth).
  • 8 Classes
  • 60 Minutes
  • 1 Students

Discover The HIDDEN SECRETS To Anti-Aging

  • 179.00₹ 
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What learn
  • Discover Exactly What “Reverse Aging” Is & How It Works!
  • Discover the Many Powerful Benefits Of Reverse Aging
  • Discover Powerful Anti-Aging Supplements That Can Add YEARS To Your Life!
  • Learn How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Add MANY Healthy Years To Your Life!